Considering that Fashion Week was a year ago it seems only fitting that I finish posting my collection. It is absolutely embarrassing that it has taken me this long to post. AND it's amazing that it has been a year since my last collection!! For the past couple years I've been busy making collection after collection and it is a bit refreshing and depressing that I haven't designed a new collection this year. BUT I have made quite a few new items for my website and have made so many orders for all of you wonderful people!!

Spring 2013 - First Collection
Summer 2013 - Wedding Gown
Spring 2014 - Second Collection
Fall 2014 - Third Collection
Spring 2015 - Forth and Fifth Collections

Without further ado - here are three ready-to-wear looks from my Winter 2015 Collection. Hoping to post the rest soon!

(above photos by Skye Amanda)

(above photos: Jesca Cluff & Brianna White)

Models: Julie, Kaitlyn, & Abby

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