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I'm always so extremely excited to start a new collection. If I had an unlimited budget and time I would constantly be designing new things. This was my third collection and I was especially excited about it because I spent the summer in NYC designing and fabric shopping. I was able to find some gorgeous pieces and I found so much inspiration being back in the city. I've been back quite a few times since receiving my fashion design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology but this is the first time I was there strictly to design... okay that's not completely true, my husband and I were there for his internship, but for me, I spent all my time designing. I absolutely LOVED how the collection turned out. It is so completely 100% me. Black, creams, and gold with sequins, glitter, and glam everywhere!! 
I am so grateful for my husband who supports my business, fabric shopping, and designing, and my mom who helped me sew 24/7 for two months straight to get the collection finished. While designing and making my collection I was also making Provo Fashion Week a reality. My friend Natalie and I were the producers of the show and since it was our first show ever, it was an amazing yet daunting task. On top of it all, I was in my last semester of business school. It's truly amazing what you are capable of when you have an amazing support system, and are chasing your dreams!!
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Black on Black
Black & Gold
Shades of Gold
Shimmer & Sequins
Cream Sequins & Gold Brocade
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