I co-produced and designed two collections for the third semi-annual Provo Fashion Week which took place in February. This show was crazy, for all the right reasons!! We had just put on our Fall PFW in October, and then it was Thanksgiving, graduating from business school, and Christmas which means I didn't really start getting to work until mid-January - which gave me about 1.5 months to make two complete collections (27 outfits). I know, I'm crazy! I did have a fabric trip to NYC in the fall and most everything was designed by the time January rolled around.. but still. Luckily I have an amazing seamstress (who also happens to be my biggest fan and mother who works overtime for free!) who helped sew the collections so I could have everything finished on time. 

This show was so fun because not only did I get to design an entire wedding collection, but I also designed a ready-to-wear collection. Usually my collections have to mix the two so that I can have a variety of designs, but this time I got to do all of it! Thanks also to my awesome and supportive husband who let me spend way too much money on fabric and way too many hours sleeping in my sewing room rather than at our apartment.

We had a few TV news segments that were so much fun!

Designs (left to right): Natalie Wynn, Bree Lena, Janay Marie Designs, Janay, Bree, Natalie 

KUTV 2 News with Brooke Graham
(unfortunately I can't find the segment online, it was a live broadcast) 

   Good 4 Utah with Nadia Crow - watch segment here

 A magazine feature...

Utah Valley Magazine - read article here

And an amazing VIP Kick-Off Party!! Complete with amazing guests, yummy food, and a mini preview runway show where each designer showed one look. We had the designers wear white and the guests wear black.

 Co-Producers: Janay, Natalie, and me

 The design I showcased at the event

 Provo Fashion Week Team!

 A few of the PFW designers

 The producers with their models/designs

Some of my favorite bloggers/models! Kristin, Kat, and Melanie

I'm so grateful for the amazing fashion community that Utah has formed - it is incredible to see so much talent and support. The designers, models, bloggers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, party planners, and audience all made PFW possible. I will forever remember the amazing times I had designing for and co-producing Provo Fashion Week. The experience and growth I received as a designer through PFW is unlike anything else in the world.

My 15-piece Bridal Collection 

Producers - me, Natalie, and Janay 

Our team surprised Cherisa (our HMUA coordinator) and me with an adorable gold birthday cake because we both had birthdays during the chaos of the shows and didn't get to celebrate much.

It was so fun having my wedding dress walk the runway! 

 My 12-piece Ready-to-Wear Collection

Thanks to everyone who believed in me!

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Bree Lena embellished custom sweatshirt | Joe's Jeans | J.Crew heels | MK watch

I love pretty much any grey soft sweatshirt so when I found this quilted jersey I knew I had to make myself one to add to my growing collection (I literally own like 10 different grey sweatshirts - ha). I also love all things sparkly and embellished so I hand-beaded a few jewels on to make this piece that went down the runway in my Ready-to-Wear Spring 2015 Collection. 

{as seen on the runway}

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Skye (one of my favorite Utah photographers) has put together multiple shoots using my designs and they are all so gorgeous!! I don't know how it has taken me so long to post them.

Skye Amanda Photography

Model: Brit


Model: Shelby

 Model: Brooke

Model: Shelby
Hair: Emma's Parlour
Reversible Sequin Shift Dress

Model: Bri
Hair: Emma's Parlour
Makeup: Marisa Rose

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