fall essentials: chunky sweaters and jewels

sweatshirt: J.Crew | cardigan: J.Crew (old) | jeans (similar): Level 99 via Anthropologie
boots (similar): J.Crew | necklaces: J.Crew Factory | earrings: Target

J.Crew Factory definitely has the best necklaces and right now everything is 40-60% off. Almost all of my statement necklaces are J.Crew Factory because they are adorable AND affordable. I have included some of my favorites that can easily be stacked and mixed and matched. The easiest way to dress up an outfit is adding a few jewels!

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  2. I just went through your website and I am obsessed with the pink and gold sequin stripped dress. So adorable. There was a skirt I also was in love with...or a few. Very nice work!

  3. Love this sweater!



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