sisters + dresses

Me: Asos DRESS // J.Crew HEELS // Banana Republic EARRINGS
Sister: Target DRESS // Converse SHOES

When I went to Utah this summer to vacation in Lake Powell with my family I didn't take any nice clothes with me (except these shoes which I scored at the J.Crew sample sale a couple months ago) so I borrowed one of my sisters dresses - so we snapped some pics. I also got a little color (yay!) and my hair brightened up quite a bit in the sun (yay!!!). My sister, mom, and I don't wear a lot of makeup and we recently discovered the magic of eyebrow and eyelash dying - life changer! I now don't even have to darken my brows or wear mascara - I simply apply bronzer and blush and I am good to go! Amazing. I highly recommend - especially if you have lighter features.

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  1. I love both of these outfits!! I especially love your heels girl!!


  2. Y'all are both adorable! Loving your ASOS dress! Wishing we had one closer! And adding the metallic shoes...brilliant!


  3. love your outfit! its totally gorgeous!

    if you have time please visit me!


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