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February was a wonderful but sluggish month for me.

I was extremely busy with so many projects and it also happened to be the most eventful month I've had in a very long time. In the short 28 days we celebrated; my husbands birthday, President's Day weekend, Valentine's Day, my brother returning home from his LDS church mission to Peru, my other brother and sister-in-law visiting with their new baby, my grandparent's coming to town, my sister-in-law's birthday, and my birthday. Needless to say, there were many late nights and fun events along with much eating out and not working out. So I'm sorry for the lack of health & fitness inspiration this month... 

I do have two recommendations for today.

1) Find a massage therapist and stick with them. It has been about three years since I started seeing Amber, she is hands down one of my favorite people in the world. I have been going about every month (and when I was planning my wedding and sewing the 250+ hours of my gown I was going twice a month). It has made all the difference. I go for 2 hours each time and it is the best use of my time and money.
{If you would like her contact info please email me - aBreeFashion @ gmail}

2) Practice yoga. I don't always LOVE yoga - as in, I don't think I could do it everyday like I could Pilates.. BUT I do think it is extremely beneficial to incorporate it into your weekly routine. I love how stretched and relaxed I feel after. I have search long and hard to find advanced yoga that I enjoy on YouTube and finally succeeded with this Yoga Vinyasa Strong Flow - Full 45 minutes - Advanced video.

If anyone else has great yoga videos they'd like to share, please leave a link in the comments below! I always love finding new routines to try.

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  1. Do you have any recommendations for free at-home pilates videos?

    1. I am always searching and never find anything I love... if I do I will be sure to share it! I think on the channel that has this yoga series there may be Pilates but I haven't tried any yet. I mostly just go to Pilates classes because I really love my instructor's style and since I can find good free yoga online I do those rather than paying for classes.


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