twenty four

sweater (my husbands): Banana Republic // jeans (similar): Hudson // scarf: Ann Taylor // shoes: Michael Kors // earrings: Ralph Lauren // sunglasses: Gap // watch: Michael Kors

Today I turn 24. I feel so old. My husband is exactly one month older than me and we were talking about how 24 finally really feels like a grown up age. In the last year I have made my dream wedding dress, planned a perfect wedding, married the love of my life, traveled to Florida twice, Boston, and DC, moved to NYC for the summer, and started selling my designs internationally.It was the best year. During this coming year I plan to design and create two collections for runway shows, celebrate my one-year anniversary, move to NYC for the summer again (and intern somewhere awesome), graduate with my second degree, expand my event planning portfolio, continue to grow my business, and start preparing to move to NYC full-time.

Today you will find me eating McDonald's french fries, Taco Bell, and Cadbury Eggs {don't judge - haha!}.

Thanks for all your support this past year with my designs and this little blog of mine.

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  1. Can't judge about the Cadbury eggs, I've been shoveling packs into my mouth haha! I can't believe that sweater is your husbands, it looks awesome on you! Dang, it seems like you've had a really productive year! Good luck on your future endeavors! :)
    An Unblurred Lady


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