bright pants and grey sparkle

sweatshirt (sold out online): J.Crew Factory // pants: J.Crew // shoes: J.Crew
watch: Michael Kors // earrings: Nordstrom

Happy first day of school!! I don't have classes on Monday/Wednesday (yay!) so I don't officially start until tomorrow. This semester is going to be just as busy (crazy hard) as last semester if not worse.. we have been preparing with meal plans and scheduling to hopefully keep us on track. Good luck to all those students out there!!

Back to the outfit above... I work at a bridal store as you may or may not know and I wore this to work on New Years Eve. Just a little sparkle, color, and gold for the New Year without being too over the top!


  1. I love bright pants because they make any grey or black top look fab!

  2. The color of your pants is fabulous and amazing! I MUST GET THOSE SHOES! Love them!!!


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