Friday Favorite: Girl Crush and GroopDealz

Ever since I first heard the song "Tim McGraw" I have had a major girl crush on Taylor Swift. I was a big country fan growing up and Tim McGraw was my favorite. I thought that Taylor was very brave putting out a single named after the best country singer - I was either going to love or hate her. And I love her. She also always wears such fun sparkly dresses. When I saw her in concert (Speak Now Tour) I about died with every outfit change. I even designed a collection at FIT based on her (we had to pick a celebrity). I just think she is adorable. Here are some lovely gowns she has worn in the past.



Now for my GroopDealz crushes of the week - remember these items are on sale for only 16 more hours, if you like what you see be sure to head straight on over. Click on the photo to purchase! New items posted for sale everyday!

 ^^because who doesn't always need new brushes, and that case!

 ^^Love the gold heart, perfect for Valentine's Day!

^^Perfect little cards for your loved ones!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!!

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leopard faux fur vest: 2 ways

faux fur vest (on sale): Banana Republic // sweater: J.Crew Factory // pants: J.Crew // shoes: J.Crew
necklace: J.Crew Factory // earrings: Nordstrom // watch: Timex

I am trying to wear all my favorite winter pieces before the snow clears up and Spring comes - that means I am wearing all my faux fur as much as possible. Here are two ways I styled this amazing vest I got this year for Christmas. It is such a gorgeous neutral, I should style it next with a pop of color.

faux fur vest (on sale): Banana Republic // sweater: Madewell // pants: J.Crew // boots: Steve Madden via Nordstrom // necklaces: gifted from Mother-in-Law // watch: Michael Kors // earrings: J.Crew Factory

What are your favorite winter pieces you have on repeat?

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super casual with North Face

tee: J.Crew // jacket: North Face via Nordstrom // sweats: GapFit
shoes: Sperry's via J.Crew // beanie: neff via PacSun

I figured it wouldn't be right if I never posted the outfit I am in most.. this is what I am usually wearing between teaching, workouts, classes, errands, etc. Comfy cozy pants (or workout pants) with my favorite North Face and either Sperry's or Ugg's. Throw on a hat or beanie and the outfit is complete.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

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Health & Fitness: Shopping List and Workout

My sister-in-law is a health coach and she set some personalized workouts for me, here is one of my favorites. *Repeat sequence 3 times.

^^15 reps

 ^^40 reps
 ^^25 reps
 ^^25 reps
 ^^20 reps
 ^^20 reps
 ^^15 reps each side
^^30 reps

Lululemon top // Nike bikers

I also thought it'd be fun to share my weekly shopping list. It obviously changes a bit each week depending on what recipes I am planning on making and what staple ingredients I am running low on.

At the beginning of each week I meal plan - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have my go-to recipes but I also usually try to throw in at least one new recipe a week. During the week we usually eat fish 3 times, lean meat 2 times, the rest is vegetarian. We split up the meat between lunch and dinner and usually eat at least one green salad and one green smoothie a day. I also plan out 4 snacks per day. My snacks usually include - smoothie/juice, hard boiled egg, nuts and dried fruit, cut veggies, pita chips, etc.

My weekly grocery bill comes to about $80-100. I shop mostly organic and from my local farmer's market.

A little math.
$100 / 2 people = $50/person
$50 / 7 days = $7.14/day
7 days / 7 meals (3 meals and 4 snacks) = $1.02/meal-snack

Thanks to Martha Stewart I have a nice shopping list sheet that I keep on my fridge and update throughout the week when I run out of staple items, then when I meal plan I fill in the rest of what I need.

Weekly Items:

apples (2 fuji and 3 green), bananas (2), oranges (2), lemons (4), limes (2), berries, mango, pear, spinach, lettuce (romain/spring mix), kale, cucumbers (3), cherry tomatoes, peppers (2), onion, garlic, carrots, broccoli, parsley, avocado (2), cilantro , celery, radish, yams, potatoes

coconut milk, omega-3 eggs, plain greek yogurt

vegetables (spinach, peas and carrots), fruit (berries, pineapple)

Staples (Always Have on Hand - Buy When Needed):

salmon, tilapia, ground turkey, chicken

unsalted butter, mustard, mayo, relish, tapatio, salad dressing, greek yogurt dip, hummus

sunflower butter, apple cider vinegar, no salt pasta sauce, no salt salsa, favorite snacks (chips/crackers/cookies), nuts (almonds, walnuts), spices, coconut, flax seed, chia seed, raisins, dried cranberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, baking ingredients, oats, EVOO, coconut oil

pasta, spaghetti, cereal, quinoa, brown rice

no salt black beans, no salt tuna fish

corn tortillas, no salt ezekiel bread

I prepare as much of my food as I can on Mondays - I chop up the veggies and prepare anything I possibly can that can be made ahead of time. That way during the week I have a lot less preparation time which means - I actually eat what I have planned.

Happy meal planning and grocery shopping!
For some of my favorite recipes click here!

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