Holiday Look: golden ruffle chiffon skirt

shirt: J.Crew Factory // skirt: aBree Original // belt: J.Crew // tights: J.Crew // shoes: J.Crew // bracelet: J.Crew Factory // ring: gifted from Taylor Christmas 2012 // earrings: Kate Spade (from my wedding) // necklace: gifted from Taylor Christmas 2011

I made this skirt a few years ago when I was applying for FIT. It is still one of my favorites - I love all the ruffles (which took forever - but was totally worth it) made with sparkly chiffon. I thought it was the perfect festive skirt for Christmas Sunday this year and since I haven't featured it yet on this blog I thought this was a perfect occasion.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. Today Taylor and I are doing some last minute shopping, wrapping, cookie making, and cuddling by the fire. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!!


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