new sperry's and quilted jacket

shirt: J.Crew // sweater: Banana Republic // jacket: J.Crew // jeans: Anthropologie // shoes: Sperry's via J.Crew // bag: Ralph Lauren // sunglasses: Gap

I am a huge sucker for Sperry's. By that I mean I have about 10 pairs ranging from the original boat shoe, to rain boots, and winter boots. When I saw these shearling-lined shoes I about died and instantly ordered them. I've been searching for a more casual shoe that I could wear when it got colder because it is too cold for my regular sperry's and besides that I have boots or heels which aren't always practical.

I've also been eyeing this coat for quite a while and was happy that my local J.Crew had it on major sale, and in my size. Perfect for fall!

So many favorites in this post. I'm practically wearing all my favorite things. The color grey for one is my favorite color. The shirt I have on is literally on repeat every week - and has been for the past two years since I got it. I love this sweater cardigan because it is cute enough to go with everything but still comfortable. These jeans are my all time favorite because they are practically sweatpants they are so comfy. AND I got this bag in NYC this past summer and absolutely love how easy it is. I am not a huge purse person - mostly because I've been a college student for the past 5+ years (thank you two degrees..) and I wear a backpack everyday.


  1. That jacket is gorgeous! :)


  2. Cute shoes! I also really love your bag!


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