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Not often do I feel like a play favorites with any of my pieces in my wardrobe but I have noticed that I have a current favorite necklace. I literally have to stop myself from wearing it everyday. It seems to just go with everything. It is perfect for layering but it also can stand alone. I also got the matching bracelet and I wear it just as much!

 ^^ I originally bought this necklace to go with my engagement photo outfit - I was even skeptical about it, I didn't know if I'd actually wear it much.. I was wrong! And I am so grateful I had an excuse to buy this necklace in the first place. (The matching bracelet was also a good idea!)


Hot Pink Pants and Sweatshirt

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that you can't stop wearing?
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  1. Bree,
    Your use of color and pattern is unparalleled! I am inspired by each and every one of your outfits! I find myself grabbing for one of three black/white striped tops constantly...they are a great backdrop to any outfit! Have a great week :)
    White Coat Wardrobe


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