what we wore: J.Crew Photoshoot

I featured this photo shoot in January when I started this blog and thought I'd re-share. My little sister is literally one of my very best friends (despite our 6.5 year age gap). We never fight. Never have. We share everything. And I miss her. So here's to sisters (and J.Crew) for being awesome!

All items are J.Crew or J.Crew Factory unless noted.
(Bree: Michael Kors gold watch, Bain: Nordstrom diamond stud earrings)

My sister and I basically put all of our summer-ish J.Crew clothes in a pile and then mixed and matched to find corresponding outfits! My friend Kiara (who also took my engagement pictures) took the pictures! We are a little obsessed - and that is okay!

(Bree: Seychelles shoes)

(Bain: Urban Outfitter Glasses)

(Bain: Steve Madden Shoes; Bree: Timex Watch)

 (We've both always had long natural (never died) hair - that is stick straight aka doesn't hold curl well. We take after our mother who's hair was exactly the same growing up.)

(Bree: Seychelles Shoes; Bain: Ily Couture Necklace)

(Bree: Michael Kors Shoes; Bain: Michael Kors Shoes)

 (crewcuts pose)

(Bree: Timex Watch; Bain: Steve Madden Shoes)


(Bree: Gap Sunglasses)

(Bree: Timex Watch; Bain: Steve Madden Shoes)

(Our Pretty Little Liars inspired poses)

 (Bain: Urban Outfitters Hat)

 (Bree: Yankee's Hat from Yankee Store in NYC)

..some bloopers.
(We may have to do another shoot featuring our Fall/Winter clothes!)

and some dance outfits by Jo&Jax


  1. Awesome looks and super cute photos! My sister and I are really close too, though we are only two years apart. There's definitely a special relationship between sisters that cannot be compared to anything else! I'll have to do something like this with my sis. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo Megan, http://www.LushtoBlush.com

  2. A very fun and beautiful photos! :)

  3. Very cute picture! Does your sis work at J.crew in Utah. She look familiar.

    1. She does not, she is still in high school and dances competitively when she's not in class so she doesn't have time - otherwise she would probably work there for sure!


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