dots + stripes | tan & navy

sweater: J.Crew
pants/necklaces: J.Crew Factory
shoes: Sperry Topsider 
earrings: Target
sunglasses: Gap
other jewelry: gifted

It has been raining in the city which has cooled the temperature down - thank heavens! So I was able to be comfortable in some of the heavier weight shirts I brought. I wore this on Tuesday when my husband and I celebrated our 1 month anniversary! French food at Le Grainne Cafe and pie at Billy's Bakery.

Love when I have the same color palette during the week: ivory, tan, and navy

And, I finally started using my Instagram that has been set up for months! @breelena


  1. Great look! Love all the prints going on here. xoLili

  2. Ok I just read through like 5 of your posts and your about me so this comment might be long... ummm... your wedding dress?? GORGEOUS! I cannot believe you designed that yourself. Stunning.

    I LOVE that you're a fashion designer! How awesome. And that's so cool that you are studying marketing. I work in marketing and love it. But I also LOVE weddings so if you start a wedding design company I will be sooo jealous :) My husband is also studying Finance at BYU. I wonder if our husbands know each other...'

    Oh and your love story is so sweet :) That's so cool that you waited for your husband :) I'd love to meet you when you get back from NYC

    xo, Jessica

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I will definitely ask Taylor if he knows your sweetheart and I'd love to meet up when I get back in September!! Sounds like we have quite a bit in common. Love it!

  3. This outfit is amazing! Love the pattern mixing :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your style....following now. :) Absolutely love this look. Especially those shoes.

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