a nautical look

sweater/necklace/shoes: J.Crew
skirt/bracelet: J.Crew Factory
earrings: Nordstrom
watch: Michael Kors
headband: Banana Republic
sunglasses: Gap

I bought this sweater for literally $10 (somehow all the promo's worked out in my favor) and it is one of my FAVORITE pieces. 

As I was packing for the hot/humid new york city I discovered I really love warm clothes (sweaters, wool, layering, pants, etc.) and not so much summer weather clothes. In Utah I could fight the heat because I'd be inside all day working or at school so I could still wear a light sweater or cardigan and pants. The city is not so forgiving when you are traveling 30 minutes on a sweaty subway train to get to work.. Let's just say my wardrobe this summer may be less than exciting. I hardly own any lightweight T-shirts or shorts. And forget the heels... sadly. I only packed 3 pairs - for church and very special occasions.

But I'm finally back in my city!!! And really that is all that matters!

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