black on black

button up/lace top/necklace (borrowed from mom)/belt: J.Crew Factory
knit pants (last season): Banana Republic
boots: Ralph Lauren
earrings: Target
watch: Michael Kors
bracelet: gifted (Taylor)

This was a weird outfit for me... hardly any gold. Needless to say I felt off all day. I need my gold fix. I'm addicted. 

This was my last post that was waiting as a draft to be posted - hopefully I find time to edit more outfits pictures and put some posts together soon! It is a crazy time (52 days until my wedding!!) YAY! 


  1. I just found you today through Amanda at the Sequined Spaniel. Wow, I love your style and have a lot of catching up to do with all your outfit posts!!

  2. I really love this lace top over the gingham shirt, beautiful combination!

  3. You are just SO cute! I am so glad to have found your blog!!! Can't wait for our giveaway soon!!
    Matters of Merrymaking

  4. Hey Bree, I nominated your for a Liebster Award. The details are on my blog! Hope the wedding plan are going well! You are so beautiful. I just started working at Banana Republic and love your fashion blog... I'm terrible and dressing myself up!


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!!! Every single piece :)


  6. Love this outfit. Those are my colors. Ha!


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