Guest Thursday: Bain - polka dots and skirts

shirt/sweater (last seen)/skirt (last seen on me here, here)/tights: J.Crew Factory
shoes (same style on me): Michael Kors
earrings: gifted

chambray (similar)/shirt: J.Crew Factory
necklace/skirt: Anthropologie
tights: Nordstrom
MacAlister's (similar): J.Crew
earrings: gifted

Bain doesn't wear skirts often.. only to church really - but that is the day we tend to have time/remember to take pictures. I'll try to snap a picture of her during the week in her more laid-back everyday style. She's a little like me in the fact that she prefers comfy (aka big sweaters and leggings) over skirts and tights. Maybe it's a dancer thing.. She also tends to dress more "Urban Outfitters" than "preppy J.Crew" which she is normally featured in - that's also how I was like in high school. - We must be sisters.

And Taylor has been a little too busy for outfit pictures - he is restricted to business casual everyday and the past couple weekends (where he can wear normal clothes) we have been preoccupied with internships/school/sickness/wedding planning/networking/etc.

Maybe next week.

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