Casual Friday: the usual

shirt: Urban Outfitters (FAVORITE T-shirts, I have it in over 10 colors probably)
 sweater jacket: Banana Republic (last season)
sweats (last seen): J.Crew (literally the best sweats on the planet - comfy and cute)
boots: Ugg (old - found in some random NYC shop)
coat: J.Crew Factory (borrowed from Bain)
watch: MK
earrings: J.Crew Factory

I titled this "the usual" because this is literally the best outfit in the world. Grey is my color. Sweats make me happy. I love being comfy.
I am a dancer, I lived my life in sweats but as I've grown up I find it harder and harder to wear them out and about like I used to. These, however, are my PERFECT match. Comfortable sweats like I love, yet super cute and presentable. Match made in heaven.

Also, the high curly ponytail is my favorite hairstyle currently. (If you didn't, here, here, and here)
a) It is out of my face all day which is great in the winter because my hair is so annoyingly staticy these days. 
b) It's cute - at least I think so.
c) It's easy.
d) It's perfect for days I don't have time/don't want to wash my hair.
e) Taylor's favorite hairstyle on me is when it's all pulled back like this - and he loves ponytails.
f) It stays in place, I don't have to fuss with it all day long.
g) It's great for transitioning from teaching Jazz in the AM to going to class in the PM.

Friday came way too quick - it was an extremely busy week. Fashion show TOMORROW!
(Then I can start wearing the things I made and post pictures!!)


  1. your hair looks beautiful girl!

  2. Very nice blog. I invite you to mine. Anett

  3. you look stunning as usual! here in switzerland we've got a lot of snow too ;)
    lots and lots of love and check out our blog if you like:

  4. It is completely unfair that you look this beautiful in lounging clothes. I've heard great things about those J.Crew sweats, and am really debating getting a pair if/when they are available.

    1. I'd highly recommend getting some! I wear them all too often. I hope they come back soon!! (I got mine SUPER on sale - so just wait for that and they're worth it!)

  5. Hi Bree!! I found your blog through Plane Pretty and totally love your style, I'm your newest follower :)


  6. You're GORGEOUS! Love your blog. Following along now:)



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