golden floral

cashmere sweater/bangle/tights: J.Crew Factory
shoes: J.Crew
necklace: Ann Taylor
earrings: Anthropologie
watch: MK

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Happy Wednesday.

mint green stripes + birthday

sweater: Gap
jeans (similar): Hudson
boots: J.Crew
earrings: Banana Republic
watch: Michael Kors
all other jewelry: gifted

Today I turned 23. I celebrated by wearing the new sweater I just purchased. I'm trying this new thing where I don't buy new things... ya know - paying for a wedding and a marriage kind of trumps fashion. SO when I stopped in Gap (during their President's Day sale) I tried on many things and this one was my perfect match. So me. Comfy + grey + white + mint green. I love it.

I celebrated with my fiance on Saturday, with my family on Sunday, and with  my girls tomorrow. 

Here is what I wore when I went out with Taylor. I chose sparkles because who doesn't deserve to be in sparkles on their birthday?!

My outfit: shirt/cardigan/pixie pants/boots: J.Crew; earrings: Banana Republic

And don't be deceived by the sunlight and light sweaters - it is FREEZING! I mostly wear my huge puffer coat all day whether I wear something cute underneath or not.

chambray + pearls + sequin

chambray (similar)/sequin shirt (last seen)/booties: J.Crew
jeans: Level 99 via Anthropologie
earrings/gold bracelet: J.Crew Factory
watch: MK
pearl necklace: gifted from my future Mother-in-law

I love sequins - especially on dreary days. And I love chambray shirts. Why not mix them together right?!

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Casual Friday: gap and lulu

 shirt: J.Crew/aBree Original (I added the ruffles)
jacket: GapFit
leggings: Lulu Lemon
shoes: Sperry's via J.Crew
earrings: Target

I love holidays. 
Holidays that require no school and sales.
I LOVE sales. 
I hardly ever buy anything full price.

Scored this lovely jacket last Friday and I've already worn it 3 times this week...
  1.  Monday: all day studying/catching up etc. in the library
  2. Tuesday: (outfit pictured above) to school (teach dance and classes) 
  3. Thursday: Pilates class
$55 jacket for $15 - Can't beat that!

Thank you President's Day.

Guest Thursday: Bain - polka dots and skirts

shirt/sweater (last seen)/skirt (last seen on me here, here)/tights: J.Crew Factory
shoes (same style on me): Michael Kors
earrings: gifted

chambray (similar)/shirt: J.Crew Factory
necklace/skirt: Anthropologie
tights: Nordstrom
MacAlister's (similar): J.Crew
earrings: gifted

Bain doesn't wear skirts often.. only to church really - but that is the day we tend to have time/remember to take pictures. I'll try to snap a picture of her during the week in her more laid-back everyday style. She's a little like me in the fact that she prefers comfy (aka big sweaters and leggings) over skirts and tights. Maybe it's a dancer thing.. She also tends to dress more "Urban Outfitters" than "preppy J.Crew" which she is normally featured in - that's also how I was like in high school. - We must be sisters.

And Taylor has been a little too busy for outfit pictures - he is restricted to business casual everyday and the past couple weekends (where he can wear normal clothes) we have been preoccupied with internships/school/sickness/wedding planning/networking/etc.

Maybe next week.

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low key plaid

sweater cardigan/pixie pants: J.Crew
button-up shirt/earrings: J.Crew Factory
scarf: gifted (H&M?)
rain-boots: Sperry Top-sider
watch: MK

Simple low key colors.
Simple warm outfit for those long winter days.

stripes and a maxi

stripe shirt: aBree Original 
cardigan/necklace: J.Crew Factory
shoes (last seen): Seychelles via Nordstrom
watch: Timex
earrings: Target
other jewelry: gifted

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on the runway:

gold sequin pants

sweatshirt: J.Crew
sequin pants: aBree Original 
shoes: unknown (old)
earrings: Banana Republic (on sale in stores - not online)
watch: MK
love necklace: etsy

on the runway:

sparkly sweatpants - what could be better?!

Casual Friday: on reapeat...everyday

sweatshirt: H&M (borrowed from sister)
pixie pants: J.Crew
boots: Ralph Lauren
earrings: Nordstrom

This week I had NO motivation to wear cute clothes. Must be because I had lots of catch up to do - I was tired - I had 2 exams - I'm sick..

So it was basically a sweatshirt everyday.
(confession: even on Valentine's Day - about half way through studying I couldn't stand it anymore and went to my dance locker to change into my comfy clothes... what can I say, I'm a comfy girl)

Well - Happy Weekend!
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Love Day: aBree Original + Bain + pink ruffles

Though I love Valentine's Day - I have been slightly dreading this day in blogger land because I don't have many "Valentine's Day" inspired looks because... between my sister and me we own just a couple red/pink pieces so... I don't have much to work with. They are just not our colors..

So I'll post about what I wish I could wear this Valentine's day if an event permitted it. AND what I wore to school today - though Taylor and I aren't really celebrating today due to school and homework, we are having lunch with his family in the Skyroom at BYU so I thought I should dress up a bit. And why not wear the only pink-ish thing in my closet, right?

dress: aBree Original
earrings: J.Crew

Beautiful flowers from my fiance from the fashion show - Pretty Valentine's Day colors.
sequin shirt: J.Crew Factory (last year)
jacket/booties: J.Crew Sample Sale (2010)
jeans (similar)(last seen): Hudson
earrings (similar): Nordstrom
watch: MK
other jewelry: gifted

Happy LOVE day! -see how my day went here!

Oh, P.S. did I mention I am getting sick? My poor Valentine..