tan + orange

shirt, skirt, earrings: J.Crew Factory
tights: Nordstrom
shoes: Joan & David via Nordstrom
fur: Express
bracelets: J.Crew / gifted
coat: Ralph Lauren Outlet
watch: MK via Nordstrom


  1. You are so pretty! Can you please dress me? Seriously. Beautiful!

  2. We are both j.crew lovers:-) purchased the same skirt and I love it!!!!wonderful ensemble again:-)

  3. Bree, you've gotta give me the model/style name for these shoes! I love em!

    More Modern Modesty

  4. Okay, so I was crazy enough to go on a Joan and David search via eBay and found the shoes for $25! Joan and David needs to thank you! :)


    1. YAY!! That makes me so happy! I got mine on sale, but not that good of a sale! I was just about to comment back on IG when I saw your comment. Get them!!! They aren't super comfortable, because they are really high with no wedge... but they are amazing to look at which makes them worth it!

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